Argyle Pink Diamonds

Viewing by request and appointment only 

Beautiful and rare Argyle Pink Diamonds.
Some of the last unearthed as the Pink Diamond mine closes in late 2020
Experience the ultimate privilege of seeing these rarities before it's too late.

With experience & knowledge we are focused on investment, quality and the beauty the Argyle Pink Diamond has to offer

For investment stones or for the joy of wearing a stunning piece of jewellery, I am very passionate about educating and showcasing such precious stones and jewellery to my clients.

I am also a qualified gemmologists & Diamond grader you can find in store who can guide you in your selection process and help you pick the perfect stone or piece of jewellery.

For small and serious investment stones we have all options available at very competitive prices with direct suppliers to Argyle Diamond mine.

I would love nothing more than to guide you through and offer you trust and confidence and a wonderful experience in what you are purchasing. Kind regards ~ Melanie Hancock

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